Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Retail Displays for Sale

1) Custom made Spiral rack w/bicycle parts welded into it. Very Cool. $300.00 obo or to a good home.obo
4) 5 ft. Linear Clothing racks on wheels. $75.00 ea. obo

4) Rounders Clothing rack on wheels. $75.00 ea. obo

1] Antique Jewelry Case $200.00 obo

1] Glass Jewelry case w/glass shelves $100.00 obo

2] Gold Jewelry Cases w/lights and breaks down for shows $150.00 ea. obo

1] 5 ft. Partition Display Rack with Slats and various accessories on wheels. $75.00 ea. obo

Same as Above


1] Sq. Display Rack with perpendicular holders on wheels. $75.00 ea. obo

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