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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Changes r a FooT

Welcome 2017
Welcome friends.
As we, Terri and I, head into this New Year, as always, are making an attempt to streamline, simplify, and rationalize our purpose, our desires, wants and needs. It is to this point that we are changing our band name to wanderLust road!
Makes sense right? I mean that is who we are.
We make this decision for a couple of reasons;
   One stop, one shop, marketing and branding. I mean you all know us as wanderLust road right? Also because the web name Velvet Soul is already taken and we don’t like Velvet Sol. I mean we do, but, given the choice and for the reasons listed above it just make sense to change our name. The T-shirts, The bumper stickers, the branding, it’s already done.
But there is another reason.
Sometime in the not too distant future we plan to take our show on the road. Why? Cause we have wanderlust, that’s why. We have 3 sons and 6 grand kids, 4 of which live in San Diego. Those kids are at that special age where, well, we can still have some influence on how they look at the world. But that’s not all of it.
We have a vision of being on the road, playing music, finding cool vintage and non-vintage wares, cycling, adventuring, making soap and t-shirts and selling these things on the web, through our blog, as we travel.
Pop up shop? Maybe.  Farmers markets?  Hell yea.

We want to take our already creative life style and make it even more----------------creative.


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