Monday, November 4, 2013

Ladies Clothing Exchange @ Wanderlust road, Sunday November 10th @ 6pm

Ladies Clothing Exchange @ Wanderlust road, Sunday November 10th @ 6pm....Bring your "unloved" clothing and accessories (shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves,etc) to trade for something that's "new to YOU"!....A repurposer of ours Aimee Fischer (my sister) will be in house working on a DIY project...she is a master embellisher of denim...jeans/jackets primarily...working designs(flowers, birds, vines, mendhi,etc.) onto the fabric with embroidery, yarn, fabric pens, patching...turning a basic item into a "one of a kind"....Aimee will do custom designs to your jeans too!! to clean the closet and join us for some fun here at Wanderlust road....any questions please call 539-0420! hope to see you there...(snacks/refreshment provided)..peace,terri:)


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