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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Tree Lot---Old Fashion, Old Town, in Salida Colorado.

Christmas Tree Lot---Old Fashion, Old Town, in Salida Colorado.
The lot officially opens the day after Thanksgiving. I have personally harvested each and every tree. They are fresh, local, free rangin, organic, natural trees thinned for forest health. I purchased a forest service permit to add variety to the pinon [ Charlie brown trees I had last year and this year ]. Prices will range from $12.00 and up depending on species and over all aesthetics. I also have a nice selection of "lobby Trees" for those of you with big rooms and high ceilings [shop early for a better selection of the lobby trees].
Price List:
Pinon pine: $6.50 per linear ft.
Ponderosa Pine: $7.50 Per linear ft.
Douglas Fir: $9.00 per linear ft.
Discounts for mis-shapen trees with "character" otherwise known as the "Charlie Brown"
10 percent of sales to benefit "Guidestone" and the Salida 8th grade basketball team. Coach Lapp has been holding an open gym every week for two years now and is really starting to build a program. He used last years donation to help under privileged kids pay for their athletic fees! Good on ya Coach!

Where else can you get a Christmas Tree directly under Christmas Mountain

Where else can you get a Christmas Tree directly under Christmas Mountain

Well once again the Christmas Season is upon us.  I personally with the aid of my Wife select and harvest each tree with an eye towards not only its aesthetics, but how and where it sits in the forest. We only take trees that need to be culled from the herd so to speak where there is competition from other trees of the same species in the immediate area.

From now till Thanksgiving I will be harvesting my "Charlie Brown Trees", mostly pinion, off of my land. These trees are being thinned and culled from areas where they are encroaching my meadow and road and for Fire Mitigation. These trees will mostly be 3-6' ft. in height and prices will range from $10.00 to $45.00 Depending on size and quality of the individual tree.

If you are interested please come by our Old Town Old Fashion Tree lot located directly behind wanderLust road on G Street. Shop Early for best selection, especially if you are interested in one of our "Lobby Trees".
   So, the Tree lot idea was a way to thin competing trees off my land. In the past we have found pinions to work great. They have a strong aroma, they hold up well and they are from right in our back yard, not some plastic looking tree with fern like needles[?] that come from?????? not anywhere in the rocky mountains. Any way we hope you come down and support our old fashioned Christmas tree lot cause it really is local

All Trees cut the old fashion way. by hand.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ladies Clothing Exchange @ Wanderlust road, Sunday November 10th @ 6pm

Ladies Clothing Exchange @ Wanderlust road, Sunday November 10th @ 6pm....Bring your "unloved" clothing and accessories (shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves,etc) to trade for something that's "new to YOU"!....A repurposer of ours Aimee Fischer (my sister) will be in house working on a DIY project...she is a master embellisher of denim...jeans/jackets primarily...working designs(flowers, birds, vines, mendhi,etc.) onto the fabric with embroidery, yarn, fabric pens, patching...turning a basic item into a "one of a kind"....Aimee will do custom designs to your jeans too!!....so...time to clean the closet and join us for some fun here at Wanderlust road....any questions please call 539-0420! hope to see you there...(snacks/refreshment provided)..peace,terri:)