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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Salida Art Walk 2014 @ wanderLust road.

Salida Art Walk 2014

Teresa's HiFi Follies.

For this year’s Art Walk wanderLust road is proud to present; Jack Chivvis and Teresa Koransky. We will be featuring their work on our walls for the entire year.

Terri and I have been in Salida now for 20 years and when we first moved back in “94” “Cactus Jack” was already a Salida Icon known for his Folk Art and Assemblages and for sitting in front of his former gallery plucking the banjo and other instruments or riding on his “Ordinary” bicycle. There was a time when people’s first images of Salida would have been Cactus Jack Chivvis and we are super stoked that he is displaying his art with wanderLust road.

You can find more Info about Jack and his art @Chivvis and Lovell Studios Home Page

Hi-fi = High fidelity—or “Hi-Fi”—is a term used in the 1970’s by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound.

Folly = “Folly” as in the sense of fun or light-heartedness.

Teresa Koransky

Teresa has always drawn and painted, from her very first memory of maybe 5 or 6 years old on a chalkboard at home. She grew up in North Ft Myers Florida and studied art and painted in high school. After escaping her parents’ home, she lived the artist’s life in Ft Lauderdale for a few years in her twenties, painting in a studio with other artists. She studied architecture at Mississippi State University and took every art class she could, working in many different mediums. After college, she worked in the architecture field for many years.

After relocating to Salida in 2007 she felt her artistic past calling again, returning to her artistic roots for fun. While she worked at a local community radio station (KHEN 106.9) she saw shelves of vinyl records scratched and damaged beyond being playable. However, no one could bear to throw them out. They held too many fond memories from the past. She, herself, had two boxes of vinyl records that had moved with her several times, twenty years after getting rid of her turntable! She wanted to preserve those memories.

She started Hi Fi Follies in 2009, focusing on creating art from what would otherwise become landfill. She experimented with many different techniques, heating, folding, painting to create art from worn out vinyl records. Her art has gone through many changes and those “Follies” still continue to evolve.

-Teresa Koransky is also the self-employed owner of TandaCAD Drafting and Design. She enjoys cooking, home brewing beer, and sharing a laugh with lots of friends. She shares her life in Salida with her husband Andrew and two dogs, Max and Millie.

So there it is our art Walk line up!
           stop on by, try some damn tasty wine, relax and if willing i'm sure we'll show you a mighty fine tyme.