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Friday, April 19, 2013

Person stricken with Wind Madness Disease finds cure!!

Happy Dragon Kite just eats wind up.
That's right folks! Another victim of wind madness has been cured using the near forgotten but age old remedy; Kite Flying! The proprietors of wanderLust road re-discovered the cure a few years back and have now decided to spread the once lost knowledge to the masses.
At wanderLust road we have the cure to Wind Madness guaranteed to turn a frown into smile and a grump into a child.

Dragon Kite with 25 ft. tail

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Salida's "ART" Bridge by the Boat Ramp

Wanderlust road would like to take this opportunity to thank Shark and his partner [?] for the super awesome job that they have done with the boat ramp bridge. From the engineering, the under slab construction that we will never see again, to the ever evolving finished product, Un-believable! What a deal that we / the town got for that functional sculpture. We find it hard to believe that anybody else would be putting that much love and energy into a project. Well Done Shark! It is absolutely beautiful. Thanks a lot!!   Terri & Greg Proprietors; wanderLust road


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kite Flying; the best answer to wind MADNESS!!!

so, are you there yet, pullin yer hair yet, wind whipped into a frenzy. I think you know what it is i'm a talkin about! do not fret yet. wind therapy is here at wanderLust road! have no fear cause kites are fun. will put the blue's on the run. so come on down and lose the frown. you don't have to go no further than town. kite's are near, right here, at wanderlust road.
wanderlust road teamed up with Boulder's own; Into The Wind, to bring you kites that can handle our winds. For instance todays wind is 15 mph commin out of the west with gusts of 24 mph. all the kites we have here can handle that.
we have two choices of beginner trick kites. super sturdy, super fun, easy to learn.
 Dragon kites. easy to fly with a 20' tail. loves the wind!

Hata kites as seen in the Kite Runner!

Two choices of parachute kites sized for our wind. easy to fly, packs small.

 wanderLust road. your local kite connection.