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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wind Therapy = flying a kite!!!

@#$%^&* WIND!! I HATE THE WIND!!!!!!@#$%^&^**!!!!

Are these phrases familiar to you?

Do you find yourself saying this for what seems like half of the year around here???

Well-----here at wanderlust road we’ve got the answer!!

Wind therapy you ask?? Why yes!

When the wind has you down and your face is all but a frown, when you’re feeling dizzy cause you’re in a tizzy, when your about to scream cause you’re in a bad dream and your windows shutter, and your stomach is in a flutter, and your pulling your hair screaming this is not fair, don’t fret cause there is a solution and it doesn’t create pollution.

Turn your back to the wind, feel the power and experience a grin. How you ask, can I do that???

Fly A Kite. That’s right folks-----kite therapy for the masses. Guaranteed to turn a maddening wind day to a fun day cause we live in the right place to put a smile on your face.

Just remember folks it is never to late to have a happy child hood as we all know.

Coming soon to a wanderLust road near you!!!

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