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Monday, January 21, 2013

Thanks for Supporting Charlie Brown's Christmas tree lot

WanderLust road would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that supported “Charlie Browns Christmas tree lot”. We promised that we would donate a percentage of sales to Guidestone, Salida Mtn. Trails and the 8th grade Salida Basketball team.  As a result of our sales from the tree lot we are happy to announce the donation of $175.00 each to Guidestone and Salida Mtn. Trails, and $50.00 to 8th grade Salida Basketball team. For a Total of $400.00
Why have we chosen these entities, well:----------}
Terri’s youngest son Mojo was a Salida b-ball player, so we have a special place in our hearts and it all begins with the younger players.
Herman Lapp is the 8th grade basketball coach and 7th grade math teacher. Herman loves coaching b-ball and to that end he has begun to build an 8th grade b-ball team by hosting 2 open gyms a week since he started with the Salida school a year ago last fall. He has shown true dedication and we are already seeing the results. Individuals like that deserve all the help and credit they can get.
Hears to Ya Herman.!! Good Luck and go Spartans!
Guidestone represents to us a grass roots attempt at true sustainability by promoting and educating local farming which is truly the roots of sustainability.  To that, we salute you. Keep up the good works. Both Terri and Greg and WanderLust road are committed to sustainability. That’s what our business is built on.

Salida Mtn. Trails:
What can we say we love it. Not only has it benefited us all with great hiking and biking right out our front doors, but as a retail business we can’t thank you enough for what it has done for increasing real tourism dollars to the Salida area. We see it. We feel it, people love it and it has done wonders for improving our shoulder season. From a Tourism point;    by far the best bang for the buck. Keep it up.
Terri and Greg
Proprietors of wanderLust road.

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