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Friday, January 18, 2013

handcarved bristlecone twin day bed.
Back in the day, not way back in the day, but more like 1997 or so, Sometime in the last century that is. Wow. Well, I used to make “rustic furniture”. Nice stuff, or at least I think so when I am fortunate to come across it. Recently I was, fortunate that is. Not only did I get to see an entire house of my furniture but I also get to resell it! Who would have thunk. Unfortunately for u, I sold some of it before I got photos of it. But now, I still have two items that must be unloaded at a thousand dollars apiece. Interested??

The first photo is a day bed designed for a twin mattress.

The second is a queen bed.

Both are made of hand carved bristlecone and represent some of my best craftsmanship. Currently they are set up, for a limited time, in the back of Woods Distillery as he is my neighbor and has the space.

Any how I thought u-all might appreciate it. The photo’s that is. But, if u like what u see I would luv for ya to have it.

hand carved bristlecone queen bed

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