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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Friday Artisan Sale 20% off. This Friday Dec. 6th

WanderLust Road will be participating in this month’s First Friday Dec. 6th to promote local art. Come on in and check out are local artisan’s: Re- purposed art by; Jack Chivvis; a nice collection made from metal pulled out of the river near F Street Bridge. Therese Koransky and her Hi Fi Follies Fun and Whimsical art from old Records! Mark ‘Eyeball” Kneeskern and his whacky to fine repurposed art projects. Brink Messick who is gaining quite a reputation as one of Salida’s rising Talents in our Folk Art Scene. Jewelry by Alicia Campbell; our bestselling jewelry maker. Her husband is an electrician and she uses his scraps to make very nice earrings. Last but not Least our local Artisan Vintner Vino Salida. First Glass is on us. Finally our Band Caravan X will be swingin and slingin their version of Gypsy, Jazzy, Soul Funkin Blues for your Audio Art Pleasure. All Art From the Artists mentioned will be 20% off. So come on by. We would luv to see ya.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Tree Lot---Old Fashion, Old Town, in Salida Colorado.

Christmas Tree Lot---Old Fashion, Old Town, in Salida Colorado.
The lot officially opens the day after Thanksgiving. I have personally harvested each and every tree. They are fresh, local, free rangin, organic, natural trees thinned for forest health. I purchased a forest service permit to add variety to the pinon [ Charlie brown trees I had last year and this year ]. Prices will range from $12.00 and up depending on species and over all aesthetics. I also have a nice selection of "lobby Trees" for those of you with big rooms and high ceilings [shop early for a better selection of the lobby trees].
Price List:
Pinon pine: $6.50 per linear ft.
Ponderosa Pine: $7.50 Per linear ft.
Douglas Fir: $9.00 per linear ft.
Discounts for mis-shapen trees with "character" otherwise known as the "Charlie Brown"
10 percent of sales to benefit "Guidestone" and the Salida 8th grade basketball team. Coach Lapp has been holding an open gym every week for two years now and is really starting to build a program. He used last years donation to help under privileged kids pay for their athletic fees! Good on ya Coach!

Where else can you get a Christmas Tree directly under Christmas Mountain

Where else can you get a Christmas Tree directly under Christmas Mountain

Well once again the Christmas Season is upon us.  I personally with the aid of my Wife select and harvest each tree with an eye towards not only its aesthetics, but how and where it sits in the forest. We only take trees that need to be culled from the herd so to speak where there is competition from other trees of the same species in the immediate area.

From now till Thanksgiving I will be harvesting my "Charlie Brown Trees", mostly pinion, off of my land. These trees are being thinned and culled from areas where they are encroaching my meadow and road and for Fire Mitigation. These trees will mostly be 3-6' ft. in height and prices will range from $10.00 to $45.00 Depending on size and quality of the individual tree.

If you are interested please come by our Old Town Old Fashion Tree lot located directly behind wanderLust road on G Street. Shop Early for best selection, especially if you are interested in one of our "Lobby Trees".
   So, the Tree lot idea was a way to thin competing trees off my land. In the past we have found pinions to work great. They have a strong aroma, they hold up well and they are from right in our back yard, not some plastic looking tree with fern like needles[?] that come from?????? not anywhere in the rocky mountains. Any way we hope you come down and support our old fashioned Christmas tree lot cause it really is local

All Trees cut the old fashion way. by hand.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ladies Clothing Exchange @ Wanderlust road, Sunday November 10th @ 6pm

Ladies Clothing Exchange @ Wanderlust road, Sunday November 10th @ 6pm....Bring your "unloved" clothing and accessories (shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves,etc) to trade for something that's "new to YOU"!....A repurposer of ours Aimee Fischer (my sister) will be in house working on a DIY project...she is a master embellisher of denim...jeans/jackets primarily...working designs(flowers, birds, vines, mendhi,etc.) onto the fabric with embroidery, yarn, fabric pens, patching...turning a basic item into a "one of a kind"....Aimee will do custom designs to your jeans too!!....so...time to clean the closet and join us for some fun here at Wanderlust road....any questions please call 539-0420! hope to see you there...(snacks/refreshment provided)..peace,terri:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Salida Art Walk 2014 @ wanderLust road.

Salida Art Walk 2014

Teresa's HiFi Follies.

For this year’s Art Walk wanderLust road is proud to present; Jack Chivvis and Teresa Koransky. We will be featuring their work on our walls for the entire year.

Terri and I have been in Salida now for 20 years and when we first moved back in “94” “Cactus Jack” was already a Salida Icon known for his Folk Art and Assemblages and for sitting in front of his former gallery plucking the banjo and other instruments or riding on his “Ordinary” bicycle. There was a time when people’s first images of Salida would have been Cactus Jack Chivvis and we are super stoked that he is displaying his art with wanderLust road.

You can find more Info about Jack and his art @Chivvis and Lovell Studios Home Page

Hi-fi = High fidelity—or “Hi-Fi”—is a term used in the 1970’s by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound.

Folly = “Folly” as in the sense of fun or light-heartedness.

Teresa Koransky

Teresa has always drawn and painted, from her very first memory of maybe 5 or 6 years old on a chalkboard at home. She grew up in North Ft Myers Florida and studied art and painted in high school. After escaping her parents’ home, she lived the artist’s life in Ft Lauderdale for a few years in her twenties, painting in a studio with other artists. She studied architecture at Mississippi State University and took every art class she could, working in many different mediums. After college, she worked in the architecture field for many years.

After relocating to Salida in 2007 she felt her artistic past calling again, returning to her artistic roots for fun. While she worked at a local community radio station (KHEN 106.9) she saw shelves of vinyl records scratched and damaged beyond being playable. However, no one could bear to throw them out. They held too many fond memories from the past. She, herself, had two boxes of vinyl records that had moved with her several times, twenty years after getting rid of her turntable! She wanted to preserve those memories.

She started Hi Fi Follies in 2009, focusing on creating art from what would otherwise become landfill. She experimented with many different techniques, heating, folding, painting to create art from worn out vinyl records. Her art has gone through many changes and those “Follies” still continue to evolve.

-Teresa Koransky is also the self-employed owner of TandaCAD Drafting and Design. She enjoys cooking, home brewing beer, and sharing a laugh with lots of friends. She shares her life in Salida with her husband Andrew and two dogs, Max and Millie.

So there it is our art Walk line up!
           stop on by, try some damn tasty wine, relax and if willing i'm sure we'll show you a mighty fine tyme.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Person stricken with Wind Madness Disease finds cure!!

Happy Dragon Kite just eats wind up.
That's right folks! Another victim of wind madness has been cured using the near forgotten but age old remedy; Kite Flying! The proprietors of wanderLust road re-discovered the cure a few years back and have now decided to spread the once lost knowledge to the masses.
At wanderLust road we have the cure to Wind Madness guaranteed to turn a frown into smile and a grump into a child.

Dragon Kite with 25 ft. tail

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Salida's "ART" Bridge by the Boat Ramp

Wanderlust road would like to take this opportunity to thank Shark and his partner [?] for the super awesome job that they have done with the boat ramp bridge. From the engineering, the under slab construction that we will never see again, to the ever evolving finished product, Un-believable! What a deal that we / the town got for that functional sculpture. We find it hard to believe that anybody else would be putting that much love and energy into a project. Well Done Shark! It is absolutely beautiful. Thanks a lot!!   Terri & Greg Proprietors; wanderLust road


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kite Flying; the best answer to wind MADNESS!!!

so, are you there yet, pullin yer hair yet, wind whipped into a frenzy. I think you know what it is i'm a talkin about! do not fret yet. wind therapy is here at wanderLust road! have no fear cause kites are fun. will put the blue's on the run. so come on down and lose the frown. you don't have to go no further than town. kite's are near, right here, at wanderlust road.
wanderlust road teamed up with Boulder's own; Into The Wind, to bring you kites that can handle our winds. For instance todays wind is 15 mph commin out of the west with gusts of 24 mph. all the kites we have here can handle that.
we have two choices of beginner trick kites. super sturdy, super fun, easy to learn.
 Dragon kites. easy to fly with a 20' tail. loves the wind!

Hata kites as seen in the Kite Runner!

Two choices of parachute kites sized for our wind. easy to fly, packs small.

 wanderLust road. your local kite connection.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wind Therapy = flying a kite!!!

@#$%^&* WIND!! I HATE THE WIND!!!!!!@#$%^&^**!!!!

Are these phrases familiar to you?

Do you find yourself saying this for what seems like half of the year around here???

Well-----here at wanderlust road we’ve got the answer!!

Wind therapy you ask?? Why yes!

When the wind has you down and your face is all but a frown, when you’re feeling dizzy cause you’re in a tizzy, when your about to scream cause you’re in a bad dream and your windows shutter, and your stomach is in a flutter, and your pulling your hair screaming this is not fair, don’t fret cause there is a solution and it doesn’t create pollution.

Turn your back to the wind, feel the power and experience a grin. How you ask, can I do that???

Fly A Kite. That’s right folks-----kite therapy for the masses. Guaranteed to turn a maddening wind day to a fun day cause we live in the right place to put a smile on your face.

Just remember folks it is never to late to have a happy child hood as we all know.

Coming soon to a wanderLust road near you!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mardis Gras 2013 yowza!!

So---this was our second year in a row to host the gumbo jets in our store for a cajun style jamboree. it was well attended and we all had a super good time. thanks y'all