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Saturday, September 8, 2012

new Funk - gRoovin Products @ wanderLust road

So, finally after a year plus of being open we have our own t-shirt. We look forward to working with our graphic designer for some fun designs in the future.

Cycle up

One of our local up-cyclers here in Salida is Farah Fine. She calls her business Cycle-Up
She is finding gently used garments and then screen printing her own designs. We give Cycle up our two thumbs up

More From Cycle - Up

Another one of our local up-cyclers has taken old clothes, cut them up and repuposed them into some vintage looking aprons. super cute.


so, my sister in law, terri's sis, she to is an awesome repurposer. hailing from arboles in south central Colorado. somehow she finds the time between parenting, her day job and home maker to up-cycle used jeans with a creative embellished flair. we carry allot of her goods. from felted flowers, flower and bird pins to her painted jeans and skirts. she also has a blog called - mixed drink mommy



Another Brand new product we started carrying last spring is Soul Flower T's
We love em. Cant keep em on the racks.
We hope you'll love em to.

So, my sis in-law also has a shoe fetish. I mean a nice shoe fetish. So---fortunately for us she brought us some never worn FRYE boots.Come check em out.