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Friday, March 30, 2012

Live Music @ wanderLust road

It is our belief that what Clark Roberts has accomplished with live music at Salida Cafe has had as much influence on the current feel-good vibe in Salida as the river park and Salida trails. To have a listening room that offers such great talent as we have witnessed was / is-----well, special. Especially for a town of this size and is one of the many things that has put Salida on the map as a destination in and of itself. Terri and I think that it is very important that we maintain that sort of venue. A listening room! A place that is not about drinking, although that would be nice. Not a bar, but, a listening gallery where we come to support and appreciate musicianship----listener-ship. I get it!! I’ll admit that it took awhile. To date, at least in our tenure of 18 years Clark is the only one who has been able to pull this off by offering more than a venue, but-- a bed, a meal, a drink, good company, and an appreciative audience. In short a great host. To that we commend you Clark!!!
While Terri and I at wanderLust road do like hosting a good social gathering it is not our intention to compete with Clark and his future productions but offer a venue to Clark [as long as he is willing] where the music appreciation club can gather and listen. We hope that you will join us in this pursuit.
Thanks t&g

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