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Monday, February 13, 2012

Wanderlust road is having a "Girls Clothing Exchange"...friday, february 24th from 6-9 pm....so bring your un-loved clothing/accessories to exchange them for something fun & new (to you!). Leftover items will be donated or you can choose to consign them with Wanderlust road....bring a fashion/clothes tip to share...we will have light snacks & refreshments...hope to see you there!!!

Wanderlust road...146 W First Street....Salida, CO 81201
719 539 0420

Hoping that you have a great day
Terri and Greg 
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Wanderlust Road
146 West First Street
Salida Co. 81201
"All who wander are not lost" and if you are follow your heart to wanderlust road.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caroline Richards of Salida makes hats. Mad hatter hats as a matter of fact. Steam Punk is the fashion of which thes are fashioned.


Words cannot describe what we witnessed the other evening at rocketman jimmy descant's instant art event. But still, something must be said:

Spontaneous, combustible, infectious, delicious, happening of art. Which has created a hangover that will take at least 4 days to overcome.

Art is in the eye of the beholder and to behold what thine eyes did see was to participate as spectator, heckler, witness.!!

Art happens, and we happened to be there and for those that weren’t are sure to be squere's.

Shenanigans!! art phk'd! An assemblage of music, rhythm, visual, sensual, sweat!

Intoxicating, invigorating, industrious, intelligent, indescribable.

In 3 words “that was fun”------ as quoted from our mayor don.
©gvroom 2/11/12