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Sunday, December 16, 2012

20% off Original Art Works by Kneeskern and Brink

Support Local Artists and Art.
fom now till Christmas you will get
20% of any or all of Kneeskerns or

Brinks original art works.

Here are samples of what you
could have for Christmas.

mus have for any man Cave

Imagine this hanging over your bar.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Story behind Charlie Brown's [ greg walter's] Christmas Tree lot

So here is the deal with me and my Christmas Trees. This story for me starts at birth, as I was born December 26th 1961. Yea a Christmas baby! Baaaaa hum bug! Yea yea I know, Jesus complex and all that. But, it’s really more like a Scrooge complex. I’m sure you all know someone who has a birthday around Christmas. They all have the same complaint! It’s all about the Holiday and their birthday is all but forgot, and thus---bah humbug.

But really that’s not what this story is about. Not at all! This is a story about being careful of what you choose as your first successful childhood business. It is about a lifetime of entrepreneuring. It is about my relationship as a Colorado native with the mountains and the woods that I have always called my home even though at times it weren’t.

Sooo --- it begins:

             Like most kids of my generation we all got allowances, but, we earned it with chores and for me the allowance wasn’t much, so I did all kinds of things to supplement. Dumpster diving for aluminum to then take to the Coors recycling plant for money, shoveling the neighbor’s sidewalks after a snow, digging the sod out of backyards and turning the soil so they could have a garden. But alas the one that stuck, the one that is still with me today, the one that has haunted my entire life with a love of woods and sweat and labor. Fire-wooding. That was it. That was the one. Out in the woods just you and your all powerful saw, felling, limbing, skidding, excitement, adrenaline ------ Danger, And, in the end of all that, the fruits of your labor---- A stack of wood and money. Funny, What I got for a cord of wood then in the mid 70’s is about the same as people get now and for a 12 year old, that was great money. I would pursue that line of work mostly as my main source of income till I was 22.

Since then I have continually refined how to make money from the woods, and in each step of the way I hope that I have become more efficient. But, in any case the reality is that I am still just a kid [ soon to be 51] following the same path I started as a boy. The first evolution was Rustic Furniture. That same wood that used to be fire wood was now worth so much more as a piece of furniture. That profession got me through my 30’s. Oh yea. What happened in my 20’s? That’s an entirely different story, as I am sure it is for most. [Just ask any President] Anywho, skipping another decade brings me to the present. Here I am again, out in the woods, got the old 1980 f-350 runnin, but this time it’s Christmas trees. I love em. They smell great. The whole ordeal of decorating and rearranging is truly a creative process and in the end, even for a scrooge, it puts a smile on my face and that’s the best part of all.

G Vroom © 12/4/2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Charlie Browns Christmas Tree Lot

Free Range
             Locally Sourced
Wild harvested on
     Private Land near
Wellsville.  At the base of  Bald Mtn. & Badger Creek
10% of proceeds to benefit: Guidestone, 8th grade basketball team and Salida Trails!

Our Christmas trees were raised in the wild and not manipulated by man & his notion of what a Christmas tree should look like. They will therefore look natural and will display lights & ornaments well

The tree lot will be located directly behind the store off of G Street, next to Subculture Cyclery. 

Store hours: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM  every day                                         
10:30 AM – 8:30 PM (Nov 30th, Dec 1stand the weekends of Dec 7th & 8th, 14th & 15th, 21st & 22nd )
                                          Be square & have a charlie brown Christmas.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Repurposed Jean Jackets by: Revalation jeans

Well, she's at it again. My sis in law that is. We sent her some shirts that didn't sell to be repurposed and this is what she sent us. Super Cool GrooveFunky for sure. With a groove funk rating of 4 stars plus plus.

Friday, October 12, 2012

9 good Resons to Make it up to Salida and shop at wanderLust Road

This morning was a classic Colorado late autumn kind of day. The Salida region gets one of the best falls in the state. Aspens change in the high country all through September, oaks, cottonwoods and willows through October. I can think of no other place in Colorado that gets a solid two months of fall colors

Saturday, September 8, 2012

new Funk - gRoovin Products @ wanderLust road

So, finally after a year plus of being open we have our own t-shirt. We look forward to working with our graphic designer for some fun designs in the future.

Cycle up

One of our local up-cyclers here in Salida is Farah Fine. She calls her business Cycle-Up
She is finding gently used garments and then screen printing her own designs. We give Cycle up our two thumbs up

More From Cycle - Up

Another one of our local up-cyclers has taken old clothes, cut them up and repuposed them into some vintage looking aprons. super cute.


so, my sister in law, terri's sis, she to is an awesome repurposer. hailing from arboles in south central Colorado. somehow she finds the time between parenting, her day job and home maker to up-cycle used jeans with a creative embellished flair. we carry allot of her goods. from felted flowers, flower and bird pins to her painted jeans and skirts. she also has a blog called - mixed drink mommy



Another Brand new product we started carrying last spring is Soul Flower T's
We love em. Cant keep em on the racks.
We hope you'll love em to.

So, my sis in-law also has a shoe fetish. I mean a nice shoe fetish. So---fortunately for us she brought us some never worn FRYE boots.Come check em out.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey Roadies! WAS UP!!!!

hope ya'll been havin a good summer.

Terri and I just got back from a little wanderLust road trip and scored huge on pearl button snap front shirts for guys and gals, both short and long sleeve. Soo if'n ya got a hankerin for that sort of thing ya might want to come on down and check it out.


Try some samples of Vino Salida while ya shop

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

post Salida Art Walk

 2 of our three favorite artists brink meSSick and mark kneeSKern.
allright! the verdicts out. by all accounts; mainly mine, salida art walk was a scream------ing success.
proof's in the pudding and photograph's, at least mine, tell no lies. soooo-----without further adeau!!!

our vintner of Vino Salida and famous pin hole photographer salidas own----
Steve Flynn!!!

hello dawn. owner of cafe dawn and proprietor of wanderlust road
Terri Dunn.
evidence of art walk fun and mayhem!!!